How to get free hosting and free domain in nigeria 2020

Hosting a website for free is absolutely possible. You can get a free hosting and a free domain and host your website for free. Do you have an already built website and you do not have enough money for hosting and domain then this post is for you. I will reveal to you two websites that can actually enable you to have your websites up and running without any cost you will host your website for free.
How it works
There are two websites you have to use if you want to host your website for free
There first website provides free hosting with 100% up time this website is the best provider of free hosting as there will allow your website to be up and running without any ads placements.
The second website provides a free domain for 12 months with several methods of usage including updating your nameservers URL forwarding and dns too.
Let’s quickly dive into the steps in details.
#1.Goto create an account and confirm your email address.

#2.Click on hosting tools on the top left navigation bar  and select domain manager from the drop down menu.

#3.Click on "host a domain" on the next page you will fill in the domain name you are about to get from the next step

#5.Type in your desired domain name and click on “check availability” button.

#6.Below is an image showing a search result for the domain name “siplicity” click on get it now and checkout
#7.It takes you to the registration page where you will register and confirm your email address.

#8.You will be redirected to client area. Click on services>my domains>manage domains.
#9. Click on management tools and select nameservers from the drop down menu.
#10.Select “use default name servers” and use these awardspace nameservers “NS5.AWARDSPACE.COM” and “NS6.AWARDSPACE.COM” as shown in the image below.

#11. Go back to and type in your new free domain name. if you followed all the steps to this point then Congratulations you just got a free hosting and a free domain you can now upload your website

Advantages of awardspace free hosting
1. It’s absolutely free: you don’t have to pay for a penny if you are using their free hosting plan
2. 100% uptime: You will enjoy 100 % uptime with awardspace this is a very good feature of their free hosting plan and it makes them stand out from other free hosting services most hosting service providers may shut your website down for a specific period of time daily but awardspace keeps it up and running for 24/7.
3. Ads free: awardspace does not place ads on your website like many other free hosting providers your website will be absolutely ads free except you would like to add custom ads.
4.Good enough bandwidths it can accommodate up to 50 users at a time which is ok for a new website.
Disadvantages of awardspace free hosting
1. No zip file upload: you can’t upload a zip file to awardspace using their free hosting plan, which means you will have to upload the files one after the other or you use FTP(file transfer protocol like filezilla).
2. Limited memory: you are provided with 5mb space which means you will have to embed videos and images if you need one.
3.No ssl certificate: You can’t install an encrypted or secured connection certificate which is known as ssl if you want to have a secured connection you will need to upgrade to a paid plan.
Awardspace is still the best free hosting platform ever despite all the disadvantages note that you will experience same of this disadvantages and even more on other free hosting services too just stay put and enjoy their services. You have just learnt how to get free hosting and free domain for your website you can drop a comment in the comment box below

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