How to create facebook avertisements (with pictures)

Creating facebook advertisements is easy and efficient facebook ads is one of the greatest place to run your advertisement for either website traffics or conversions. On this page you will learn how to create facebook advertisements and also all the benefits and features of facebook ads.

Easy steps of creating facebook ads

#1. Login into facebook and create a page

#2. Select the category of page you will like to create
It is usually “brand or business” or “community or public figure” if you are creating a page for you business or company you should select the first option on the oter hand if you are creating a page for yourself or for a group of fans then select the second option.
#3. Choose a cover photo and a profile picture for your page

#4. Create the post you will like to advertise

You can add a link or picture to the advert and hit publish

#7. Click on boost post

#8. Setup your audience

Click on create new audience or edit audience then select your target audience this is very important and can help you target relevant people who are interested in your adverts for example if you are running and for female shoes you can chose to show your ads to only females thereby minimizing your spend on facebook advertisement and increasing your aim. You can also select user’s locations, age  and also include some interests of people you are targeting Select total ad budget
This will be the total amount of money you want to spend on the particular ad you are creating if you want to spend $50 on the ad then you should input $50
Select the duration of the ad
Select how long you want the advert to run on facebook your daily budget will be total budget/number of days your ad will run
#9. Click on “boost post” and add a payment method

Facebook advertisement features
This is a list of features of facebook advertisement they can help you with running your ads.
1.Audience targeting
This is a very unique facebook advertisement feature that distinguishes facebook from other advertisement platforms facebook allows you to be more specific in ads delivery you can select the exact people who you want your ads to be shown to. You can filter audience based on:
Location targeting: it allows you to target audience based on the user's location. If the product or service you are advertising is based in a particular geographical location for example "Best launch delivery service in united states" facebook allows you to target users from states  alone.
Interest targeting: Facebook allows you to target users that are interested in a particular term or style niche. For example if you are advertising or try to market an seo tool you can target people who are interested in "blogging, wordpress, Blogger" etc.
2.Facebook carousel:
Facebook ads allows you to display ads in the form of carousels. You can add up to three pictures to your facebook ad. This is a very useful feature for people who are trying to market products you can add up to three pictures of products in the carousel and also display their prices.
3.Facebook pixel:
This is a tool that helps you track your conversion it is a code that is places on your website that gives you conversion statistics in details

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