How to get your website indexed almost immediately with google search console

Getting your blog or website indexed immediately is possible as long as you have quality contents on your web pages. I have being receiving questions on how to get a blog or website indexed fast. In this article you will learn how to do this and get results immediately depending on your website. If you already have a website and you are trying to index a new page this method will work immediately. If you have a new website this will also work but you will have to take note of the basic requirements below. Google is the best search engine and they ever want to remain so that is why it has to know and check a web site if it meets their basic requirements before it gets indexed. The method I’m sharing with you on this post will work immediately if your website meets the Basic requirements Including new websites or already existing ones that wants to index a new page. Before I introduce the free tool to you let’s take a look at some basic requirements.
Simple webpage requirements to get indexed by Google.
#1.Web page must be a real one
Your webpage must be a unique one, most Webpages are created to fool or manipulate search engines. Webpages like this will have a hard time getting indexed on goolgle as  there are not created for quality content delivery but rather for traffics and manipulation. Google will not index webpages that are not good for users or will not add any value to the user’s query.
#2.Your website must have quality content
This is also another good practice to get your Blog or webpage indexed faster goggle will not index blank pages your webpage must contain a good amount of texts or contents if your website or webpage has no much texts because it contains videos it is also ok but you will need to optimize your webpage by adding alt tags and meta tags where necessary.
#3.Good navigation system
Google wants to give users the best experience when they visit a page or blog from their search engine this is why you need to have a good navigation bar. For example a news blog should have a good navigation bar that looks like this also see the image below
Your website should have a sitemap. A sitemap is like a navigation bar containing links to all the webpages in your website. Sitemaps helps search engines to crawl an index websites faster. You will learn how to create a sitemap as I unveil the tool.
The best seo tool is the GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE .

How to index you webpage with Google search console
Google search console is a free webmaster tool created by google to help webmasters understand how their website is performing on search engines google search console is not only limited to indexing your pages Google search console is also useful for a whole lot of things it lets you know how much impressions you’ve got from google, top countries where your ranking is high ,keywords that gives you more traffics, mobile usability issues and lots more if you are not using this tool you are missing out on something great.
To get a new website or webpage indexed on google you will have to
#3.Add and verify property(website)
#4.Locate the old version of google search console on the bottom left 
corner of the webpage

#5.locate the crawl option and also click fetch as google you can now add any url you want to index or you can leave it blank to crawl and index your root url and click fetch. Your website will be indexed immediately as long as the simple requirements are met but it may take up to 24 hours to show up on the search engine when you search your url this does not mean it is not indexed as the index time will be the time you submitted the url when it finally shows up. if your website is not quality just note that it won’t work.  You can drop a comment if you have any issue or if you know any other method of indexing a webpage immediately. But this is the best method as it is owned by google.

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