Woman comites sucide as she discovers husband is cheating

A thirty five years old house wife named Anita Magnus has committed suicide as she discovers her husband is cheating on her. The thirty five   years old woman committed suicide on Tuesday as she came back from work and caught her husband cheating the husband of the poor woman has always been bringing home some strange girls while the wife is at works according to neighbours of the dead woman “he always bring prostitutes home when his wife is at work, he is the cause of his wife’s death the wife has been seeing him with different women from time to time”.
     The husband of the dead woman has been coming home with prostitutes daily and drives them away before the his wife gets back from work. The wife has also caught him cheating on two different occasions according to a compliant made to their neighbours by the deceased wife “he won’t stop cheating on me I have seen him twice with two different ladies and whenever I see him he apologises and promises not to do it again but he keeps on doing it even when I do not want to believe myself I still catch him red handed the next time, I am tired of this marriage and I want out. I love my husband very much but I don’t think he feels the same for me”.   
    The deceased said this to her neighbours but they did not understand what she meant by “I want out”. The poor wife came from work on Tuesday afternoon earlier than she does usually and to her greatest surprise she saw an unbelievable sight. She screamed and ran out of the room and locked herself up in another room where she stayed there for hours while her husband tries to get rid of his mess. After hours of waiting and knocking without response the husband decided to break in with some neighbours who also came to plead on his behalf. When they got in they found the poor woman hanging to the ceiling fan with a rope around her neck far away from this world. The parents of the deceased arrested and sued the husband to court for murder.

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