Soldiers correct man for abusing his president

It was a sunny day in Port Harcourt where a group of men were having political arguments about some political parties in Nigeria. Names of the men are Chigozie chinda, Solomon aleke and victor matip.
There were all having arguments about the major political parties in Nigeria known as PDP and APC Chigozie and Solomon were supporters of the present party in power called APC while victor was an opponent and a supporter of PDP in the course of the argument. After thirty minutes of constant arguments the PDP supporter named victor matip got really annoyed and started rendering abuses on the president who was nominated for APC. He called the president mumu (meaning stupid person)  in the process of their disagreement.    
According to the APC supporters victor in his own word said “our president has failed in his responsibilities and has not also kept his promises our president is incapable of leading this country in fact our president na mumu”. A van containing seven soldiers was nearby as victor continuously insulted the president of Nigeria the loud voice of the angry man drew the attention of the soldiers and unfortunately they got concerned and decided to discipline victor for his words.
Victor was beaten mercilessly and was badly wounded by soldiers who claimed they were carrying out their duties as soldiers. According to one of the soldiers who was interviewed by our source in his own word said “ we just carried out our responsibilities, it is not right to abuse the president of a country and call him mumu. This is totally unacceptable and we will continue to discipline anyone who continues in this act till no one does it again”.
Mr Simon who was also on the scene and claimed to be a lawyer disagreed with the act of the soldiers and said. ”it is very bad for a soldier to beat a civilian to that point everyone has the right to fair trial victor should have been arrested and taken to court if they think he is guilty ” . He further urged the victim to take the case to court because the soldiers do not have any evidence against him.

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