Shoking! Student expeled for smoking in school

A Seventeen year old student of MSAT located at oweri (Marvel Science And Technology) named Steve Kelly has been sent home from school due to serious violation of school policy. The student was caught with cigarettes in the school toilet during their long break.
 He was seen by one of the subject teachers of his class along with two of his friends the teacher noticed the smell of cigarettes when he was around the toilet and decided to check it out. He was filled with great dismay when he found out that the senior prefect of the school was the one smoking the cigarettes along side with two of his friends. The teacher said “I was shocked to see the senior prefect of this school involved in this shameful act. He was known for his good morals, punctuality and responsibility which was why he was chosen as the senior prefect of MSAT. ”     He further said “MSAT is the best school in oweri because she teaches her students morals and discipline. MSAT is not a school that tolerates bad behaviours every act of misconduct or violation of school policy leads to an instant expulsion”.
The senior prefect of the school denied the accusation of the teacher despite the fact he was caught red handed. He claimed the cigarettes he had was taken from a junior student. The teacher also gave good backing to the course of his testimony.
One of the students who were with the senior prefect confessed the cigarettes they had was bought from a bar close to the school and was not taken from any student he also pleaded guilty of his offences.
    The proprietor said there is only one way to handle the issue which is expulsion. He further said “This is a warning for those of you who think this school has no integrity we have to expel Steve Kelly from the school as he is a bad example and is likely going to destroy the school ‘s good identity”. He declared instant expulsion for the senior prefect and one of his friend While the student who confessed was given a five weeks suspension from school

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