Mother and child almost kidnaped

On tuesday a 35 years old woman named eno was almost kidnapped on her way to ikot epkene from uyo. The victim boarded a tricycle locally known as kekenapep from ikot epkene road to uyo. She stopped a tricycle with only one person in it which was the driver. According to the victim, the driver had no passenger.
She was on her way uyo from ikot epkene on getting to her destination she asked the driver to stop the tricycle the driver ignored her she asked and again but instead of stopping the vehicle the driver turned back and smiled wickedly.
The driver increased the speed of his vehicle and got passed the destination of the passenger who also had a four months old baby. She started screaming and crying for help her sleeping four years old baby was awakened in the chaos and joined her mother in the tears.
        According to an eye witness named okon peter on the scene in his own words said “we saw an over speeding keke driving across our  neighbourhood with a woman in it crying and screaming for  help we tried to stop the keke but it was too fast we had to follow the keke with our own motorcycle ”.
    Some of the people who saw the over speeding vehicle followed it for some minutes till it got to a point where it could not move faster the men in pursuit outsmarted the perpetrator and stopped him. The baby and the mother were safe the driver was beaten by some villagers at the point he was stopped. He refused to explain his actions he was beaten more seriously and then he confessed that he has been paid to get new babies for human sacrifice. He further confessed that he has being doing this and each baby gives him hundred thousand naira.

According to the victim "i asked him to stop me when i got to my destination he refused and instead he started driving at a very high speed, I was very scared and i was not even worried about myself  it was my four months old baby that bothered me. I couldn’t help but shout and luckily for me some good villagers followed the vehicle and rescued me and my baby".
The victim further advised passengers to be very careful of any vehicle they want to board.   

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