Six years old child named Abida gone missing

A young girl named a Abida Nkedu who is six years old has been reported missing. The young girl who just moved in with her parents in to a new neighbourhood got missing on their third day of their arrival. She was sent on an errand by her mother to get items for meal she went and did not come back for hours. This got her mother worried.
    The woman went in search for her child around the neighbourhood she searched for hours with no result. She said “I only sent her on an errand to get some food items for the meal I was cooking I don’t know where she went to. There are stores around our house I expected her to buys the items around our place I have no idea where she has gone please you people should help me to search for my daughter she is my only daughter and my only child my world is not complete without her. My husband will not also be happy with the bad news.”
The woman reported the issue to the police and also gave them a picture of her. The police started a search for her after asking some questions.
    Most people blame the woman and also condemned the act of this woman according to a neighbour who said ”it  is not wise to send a six year old out there this woman has taken a careless action which always comes with bad results. She shouldn’t have sent her out there especially after moving into the environment lately”.
The second blamer said in his local pidgin  English “this woman no try oh why she go send six year old pikin to go do thirty years old woman work”. The second blamer concluded that the woman sent a six year old to do a thirty year old woman’s job. The police is still in search of the girl.

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