20 year old saves baby from fire

A twenty years old boy saved the life of a baby in a fire accident the incident took place at Port Harcourt in a three bedrooms flat at pora estate located in woji Port Harcourt. A three bedroom apartment got burnt in a fire accident. The fire was caused by an empty pot on a gas cooker. The family of Mr and Mrs Emeka were the owners of the apartment. Properties and also cash in the apartment where almost worth 5 million naira according to the occupants of the apartment .The fire was caused by the act of a careless house maid who put a pot of little water on a gas cooker and left to take pictures to be uploaded on facebook.
The careless house maid whose name is said to be Amanda put a  pot of boiling water in the house and went to facebook she said “I’m very sorry for the lost I have cost my employers I was careless and the whole thing was my fault I  actually boiled water on the gas cooker when I went to take pictures for my facebook profile I was carried away by social media when the water boiled and even dried up I did not notice until my neighbours called my attention to the fire ”
The water dried up and the empty pot went on fire the fire burnt everything in the kitchen and extended to other rooms in the apartment. Neighbours noticed the fire and called out for help before the maid could even notice. Good Samaritans came to help put off the fire before calling the fire service. The maid screamed that there is a baby in the building at this point the fire was already getting big no one could help until a brave twenty years old boy picked up a bed spread soaked it into water mixed with detergent covered it  around his body and went into the burning house.
He said “The fire was hot and the house was smoky I couldn’t see a thing it was the voice of the crying baby that helped me to detect the actual spot where he was, it was very uncomfortable and hot but I had to save the baby”
According to an eye witness “the young man was very smart he is a real hero he acted when everyone was watching and could do nothing he deserves an award and compensation for his acts”.
The young man finally brought out the baby. Both the boy and the baby were safe but the young man sustained a little burn on his right hand. The parents of the baby thanked him and also gave him some good amount of money to treat his self despite their loss. 

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